A Bermudaful Wedding Weekend

After two days flying to Nepal, and two more in Kathmandu, its really hard to believe we were just in Bermuda on Monday! I wanted to make sure to share some photos from Bermuda before we get swept up into the next phase of our trip!

First of all, thank you Steve & Lisa for getting married in Bermuda! CONGRATULATIONS! Y’all are the best and we had a fantastic time and can’t wait to meet up with you somewhere in the world in the next year.

A couple highlights from our visit included:

  • Staying at a great Airbnb in Southampton and getting to see most of the Island via the #8 bus.
  • Taking in that torqouise blue water at Horshoebay Beach and at the Royal Navy Dockyards. 
  • Exploring the National Museum of Bermuda and fort down at the dockyards.
  • Taking the ferry boat from the Dockyards to Hamilton (Bermuda’s capitol city).
  • Wandering around Hamilton.  Especially Fort Hamilton (beatiful flowers and a jungley garden planted in the old moat) and a great outdoor bar, Bulli Social, we found after the wedding welcome reception. 
  • The beautiful wedding of course at Coco Reef!
  • And waaaayyyyy too many Rum Swizzle’s at the Swizzle Inn with most of the Richmond contingent.

Check out some of our favorite pics:

We had such a GREAT time and this was seriously the perfect way to kick off our around the world trip.

After nearly 48 hours of long (but thankfully uneventful) flights, we’re now in Kathmandu. Getting into the city was definitely a culture shock, especially coming from such a relaxed and beachy place like Bermuda! I’ll post a bit more about Kathmandu tomorrow before we head up to the mountains on Saturday.

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